GREED. How Far Will You Go?

The page-turning thriller that warned of financial melt-down

'Marc Elsberg is nothing if not prescient' GUARDIAN

It’s the near future: the world economy is in freefall. Mass unemployment and hunger rage as banks, corporations and countries go bankrupt. But one group are doing just fine: the super-rich.
Nobel prize-winning economist Herbert Thompson drives to an emergency summit in Berlin, to deliver his ground-breaking solution to the world’s elite: a formula that will reverse the downturn, transform the economy, and give everyone a share of the wealth.
Thompson never arrives. He is killed in a car crash on the way.
Jan, a keen cyclist out late, sees the incident. Convinced Thompson has been murdered, he vows to find out why.
But there are powerful forces at work, which will stop at nothing to keep Jan silent.
How far will they go to satisfy their greed? And who can stop them?

A spine-chillingly realistic thriller on the horrors of freewheeling capitalism and the threat of human greed.

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