HELIX. They Will Replace Us

The CRISP-Cas9 biotech revolution has started – A spine-chillingly realistic thriller on genetic engineering

The US Secretary of State dies during a state visit in Munich. As if by magic a strange mark appears on his heart during the autopsy – caused by bacteria? At a plantation in Africa a hyper resistant plant is discovered which endangers the very existence of the business model from the world’s biggest seed company. At the same time Helen and Greg, a happy but childless couple in their late thirties, contact a fertility clinic in California. The doctor gives rise to hope, even explains he could significantly improve the genetic disposition of their child. He talks about a still kept secret and private research programme which has already created one hundred of such special, talented children. Certainly Helen and Greg want to pave the way for their child with the best prerequisites. But then suddenly one of those children disappears – everything points to a correlation between the strange happenings in Munich and in the rest of the world. An uprising of the genetically altered, hyper talented children lifts the world off its hinges.

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