The President’s Fall


“Mr President, you have the right to remain silent”: Fiction turning into reality – the latest bestselling novel by Marc Elsberg!

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Lawyer Dana Marin cannot believe what she is witnessing during her trip to Athens: On behalf of the International Criminal Court, Greek police arrest the former President of the United States, resulting in immediate diplomatic flurry. The President-in-Office is currently campaigning and cannot afford a scandal. The White House is fiercely blaming the International Criminal Court and the European Union member states, whilst Dana Marin begins to face a battle against overpowering opponents – as is their most important witness, whose testimony could ultimately bring down the once most powerful man in the world. The whistle-blower however is already lined up in the sights of US secret services. Meanwhile, intervention forces are preparing the forced liberation of the former President to prevent him from being transferred to The Hague by all means …

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