Cover Blackout

+++ over 194 weeks on the SPIEGEL bestseller list since first publication March 2012 +++

Scientific book of the year in 2012 in the category “entertainment”

Scientific book of the year in 2012 in the category “entertainment”

“Fast, tense, thrilling - and timely: this will happen one day. Highly recommended.” Lee Child
Blackout is a thriller resembling those of Frank Schätzing – it combines suspense with meticulous research.” Emotion
“Elsberg pulls out skillfully and soundly researched all the stops for a great thriller and paints a haunting picture of how thin the ice is which our globalized world considers its fundament.” Neue Presse Hannover
“Competition for Frank Schätzing, author of 'The Swarm': Marc Elsberg’s thriller Blackout is a controversial techno thriller.” Gala Men
“What makes this novel so compelling: it is not unrealistic. Quite the opposite.” Handelsblatt
“Electrifying: In this scientific thriller, Austrian author Marc Elsberg describes the murderous consequences of a blackout in Europe.” STERN


Cover ZERO

+++ over 75 weeks on the SPIEGEL bestseller list since first publication May 2014 +++

Scientific book of the year in 2014 in the category “entertainment”

Scientific book of the year in 2014 in the category “entertainment”

“A topical thriller in the world of online activists and an IT company collecting and analyzing data.” Der Spiegel
“A highly topical and nightmarish scenario – but as Elsberg says: became real long ago.”Hitradio rt1
“Gripping Thriller and visionary book on the subject ‘Big Data’.” rbb Kulturradio
“This book qualifies Elsberg to finally become the spokesman for this maybe most important discourse in today’s society.” Bild
“As he did in his previous novel Blackout, Marc Elsberg combines a realistic future scenario with a cleverly constructed plot – a thriller that confronts us with our fears.” ZDF Morgenmagazin
“With his new novel Elsberg may become one of the heralds of the public discourse that is possibly the most important one of our time.” Handelsblatt
“Marc Elsberg’s ZERO is not science-fiction, it is a real science thriller.”
“Marc Elsberg is an expert for haunting science and technology thrillers.” Brigitte
“This is the book to go with the topical debate around Google and the right to forget […] A nightmare, that, as Elsberg sees it, has long become reality.” FOCUS
“All the technologies already exist […] but Elsberg takes their possible consequences to extremes with dramatic consistency and paints a future dystopia that leaves us truly shaken up.” ZEIT Wissen
“Marc Elsberg has a sixth sense for burning issues. […] So sinister and realistic, it will make you download an encryption software after reading.” Glamour



+++ over 28 weeks on the SPIEGEL bestseller list since first publication October 2016 +++

Stuttgarter Wirtschaftskrimipreis 2017 (German crime fiction award)

“Elsberg links fiction and reality into a thrilling storyline.” Hamburger Abendblatt
Helix is not only compelling for its expert tour of clone-technology labs. […]. With great sensitivity Elsberg works his way through the moral conflict of people who have to decide whether or not to have a genetically modified child” Der Tagesspiegel
“Helix is a thriller, haunting for its realism that stirs on deep fears and raises questions of ethics, moral and, ultimately, being human […]. Truly accomplished!” Hamburger Morgenpost
“Marc Elsberg is once again with his new novel Helix on the road to success.” The Huffington Post
“Marc Elsberg, who has put out two bestsellers of a similar kind, fabricates a near perfect plot.” STERN
“Whether you read Marc Elsberg’s thrillers like “camouflaged” nonfiction, as one critic described it, or as pure entertainment is up to you. One thing is for sure: the man masters both.” 3sat Kulturzeit
“Great issues, great show.” ZEIT Wissen
“In Helix Mark Elsberg paints a picture of a brave new world in the stranglehold of genetic engineering.” Bild der Wissenschaft